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With the support of ACOA and Innovation PEI, Music PEI is extremely happy to announce that the second round of the New Business Growth Program will be starting up again this spring. This exciting program has been designed to assist Music PEI members to further develop their careers with a particular focus on the ability to create multiple revenue streams, improve business management skills and increase business opportunities.

Music PEI has hired MacPhee Artist Services as a contractor to deliver the program. Owner John MacPhee has had over a decade of experience as a member of internationally touring artist Paper Lions in hands-on capacity involved in all aspects of his band’s career. John brings a wealth of knowledge and sound business skills to the program.

First round participants Catherine MacLellan and Ten Strings and a Goat Skin had the following comments about their experience in the program:

“Music PEI’s New Business Growth Program has made a huge difference in how I approach my business practices. I am self-taught in everything I do, and although I have figured out a lot along the way, the program filled in some very important holes. I now feel more knowledgeable and confident in running my own business professionally and with a huge leap in organization and productivity. I have already noticed a difference in my income and hope this program can be expanded to help more island artists.”
Catherine MacLellan

“The New Business Growth Program really opened our eyes to just how many opportunities lie beyond simply registering our works with SOCAN. Learning hands-on, we were able to participate in improving our royalty revenue, efficiency, and even in accessing new grants we never thought were accessible to us. Well worth the time.”
Caleb Gallant (TSAAGS)

Successful applicants must meet the Exporting or Export Ready criteria as set by Music PEI. Adjudication scoring is also detailed in this document. Applicants must be current Music PEI members and residents of PEI.

The Program has 4 major components and will focus on the following areas.

#1 – The first is a process of registering the participant’s complete catalog of music with five major Performance Rights Organisations (PRO) for royalties. They are:

· Sound Exchange

#2- The second component is designed to help professionalize the business of the artist. And includes (if required):

1. Legal registration of business entity
2. Distribution of entire artist catalog via major online distributors
3. Launch of personalized artist portal **
4. Launch of online merchandise store
5. Launch (or review) of FACTOR artist profile

** Artist portal is an online library, cataloging all pertinent information including legal, financial, master rights, administrative, tour information and more.

#3- The third component will assist in the marketing and promotional approach of the artist and includes registration (or review) on the following social media platforms:

· CBC Music
· Facebook
· Twitter
· Instagram

#4- The final component includes completion of ‘MacPhee Artist Services Music Business’ course; Four 6-hour courses covering topics including:

· Music business administration
· Touring, tour accounting and tour management
· Songwriting
· Album production
· Label marketing
· Receipt filing and bookkeeping
· Grant writing
· Social media best practices,
· Healthy artist/group dynamics including equality, encouragement and respect.

The cost of the program for each participant is $3,000 with 80% being subsidised by ACOA and Innovation PEI. The participants are required to contribute 20% ($600) and must be able to complete the program within six months. The immediate return from increased royalties alone should cover the artist’s investment.

The New Business Growth Program will accept 2 artists to participate in this round. Submissions for the spring session will open on Friday, February 24th. Deadline for submissions will be March 8th at 11:59pm AST.

Participants will be selected by a jury of music industry professionals who will be scoring applicants using the scoring template as set out in the Eligibility document.

The submission form can be found here.

For additional information please contact:

Rob Oakie
Executive Director
Music PEI
[email protected]

Music PEI
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