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Can the online submission page be saved and re-started?2021-09-06T14:42:00-03:00

No, it cannot. We suggest you build your submission in a Word (or similar type) document and copy and paste your answers into the online form when you are ready.

Can I save a copy for my records?2021-09-06T14:50:58-03:00

No, you cannot. We suggest that you save your Word (or similar) version for your files.

What is the maximum file size for uploading documents (JPEGs, PDFs etc.)?2021-09-06T14:51:22-03:00

The maximum file size is 2 MB. It is imperative you limit the size of your photos and files to this size. We do not need a hi-res version as these photos are not for print.

Will the application form time out?2021-09-06T14:47:04-03:00

The form will not time out but, remember, you cannot save the form to your computer. If you close your browser, your work will be lost. As noted above, we strongly recommend you build your application in a Word type document and then copy and paste your answers into the form.

Are there templates available for budgets, marketing plan and business plan?2021-09-06T14:49:02-03:00

We do have a budget template in the Investment Applications section. Templates for Marketing and Business Plans can be found online. A business plan can be a simple as a list of short and long term career goals combined with a plan of how to achieve them. A marketing plan can be incorporated into your business plan. Examples of short and long term goals could be:

Short term next 12 months: upgrade website, record CD, record video, release CD, tour across Canada, secure Canadian agent, hire publicist, secure reviews and interviews, apply for awards, etc.

Long term next 24 months: Apply to FACTOR, Secure European agent, sell 2000 CDs, tour USA, international showcasing etc.

The jury will also want to see that you have a plan to achieve those goals.

Is there a template available for the Completion Report?2021-09-06T14:50:20-03:00

The Completion Report must be submitted through the online form found under the Funding menu.

Do I need to provide original receipts in final reporting?2021-09-06T14:52:24-03:00

No. Copies are fine.

Do I claim gas (with receipts) or mileage?2021-09-06T14:52:51-03:00

To keep it simple, we ask that you claim mileage at $0.36 per kilometer (or $0.45 for 12-15 passenger van). This way – no gas receipts are needed!

If submitting CDs for support material, how many copies do I need to provide?2021-09-06T14:53:25-03:00

Artists are not required to submit physical copies of their CD to the Music PEI office this year. However, if an artist would like to add their CD to the Music PEI archive, they can mail or deliver a maximum of two (2) physical copies of their CD. These CDs may be used for promotional purposes.

In the Export Development and Career Investment programs, one of the requirements is a band agreement. Do I need a lawyer to draw this up?2021-09-06T14:53:51-03:00

No. You can find many templates online and does not need to be prepared by a lawyer.

How much is covered for a targeted demo?2021-09-06T14:54:26-03:00

If approved, Music PEI Investment Programs cover $1,000.00 of eligible expenses (75%) toward a targeted demo.

What is defined as a “tour”?2021-09-06T14:55:04-03:00

Under the Emerging Music Program a tour is defined as ONE trip of THREE or more paid performances in THREE or more separate locations in at least TWO separate towns or cities off-Island.

Under the Export Development and Career Investment Programs a tour is defined as ONE trip of FIVE or more paid performances in FIVE or more separate locations in at least THREE separate towns or cities off-Island.

Do the Music PEI Funding Programs fund commercial recordings?2021-09-06T14:55:35-03:00

For this round, commercial recordings are now eligible under the investment programs. For details on eligible expenses, please see the appropriate program guidelines.

Does the Music PEI investment Program cover 100% of eligible expenses for Performance Coaching?2021-09-06T14:56:02-03:00

Yes. If your grant is approved for Performance Coaching, 100% of eligible expenses (up to max the program covers) will be covered.

Can money be spent on the project prior to submitting your application?2021-09-06T14:56:40-03:00

No. You must submit your application BEFORE any money is spent on the project. You can submit your application well in advance of the deadline date in order to start your project.

Will support material be returned?2021-09-06T14:57:07-03:00

No, it will not.

Can I submit for funding if I have project that is currently open?2021-09-06T14:57:32-03:00

No. You can only have one grant open at a time.

How are decisions made?2021-09-06T14:58:19-03:00

A jury of industry professionals will review and score all submissions. The Directors of Music PEI do not sit on juries. Juries remain confidential and jurors are selected based on non-conflict of applications as well as industry experience and knowledge.

Can items (i.e. merchandise) that are funded be sold?2021-09-06T14:58:55-03:00

No. Items produced for commercial sale are not eligible. They can be used for promotion only.

Do applicants need a dedicated “bank account”?2021-09-06T14:59:24-03:00

Yes, if you are applying in either the Export Development or Career Investment program.

What does “ON SPEC” mean?2021-09-06T15:00:02-03:00

Festival, tour and showcase support will be given (in the Export Development & Career Investment Programs) “on speculation” for potential festivals, tours and showcases that will take place prior to the next deadline and/or within 30 days of the next deadline without proof of confirmation or contracts for all dates. Please refer to the Program Guidelines for full details.

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