Microgrant Program Overview

Each year, Music PEI will offer up to eight (8) Microgrants of $300 each, with preference given to youth, women and non-binary individuals, 2SLGBTQ+, racialized people, and underserved minorities. Music PEI is committed to promoting all forms of diversity and encourages applications from artists of all backgrounds and genres. All successful applicants will receive a free 1-year Music PEI membership. Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline.

Program Design

The Music PEI Microgrant Program is designed:

  • To celebrate local music, build community, and support creativity through the distribution of highly accessible grant funding;

  • To invest in projects that will grow the professional profile of selected artists;

  • To foster the development of all applicants’ business and grant writing skills;

  • To assist successful applicants in reaching new audiences and building connections to the local music industry; and

  • To encourage increased participation in the music industry on PEI by creating lasting partnerships between aspiring artists and Music PEI.

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Who Can Apply?

All applicants for the Microgrant Program must currently be a resident of Prince Edward Island. To be considered a resident for the purposes of the Microgrant Program, applicants must meet both of the following criteria:

  • The primary artist and/or the majority of the group must have a permanent address in PEI; and
  • The applicant must have been a resident of PEI for at least six months prior to the application.

Artists will not be eligible to apply for or receive Microgrant Program funding after two successful Microgrant Program applications or after receiving funding under the Emerging Music, Export Development, or Career Investment Programs.

What Activities Does the Microgrant Program Fund?

Microgrants will fund all eligible expenses to a maximum of $300 each. Eligible expenses include demo recording, live show production, graphic design, photo and video production, and marketing and advertising costs.

Ineligible expenses include tuition and music lessons, equipment purchases and other capital costs, food and beverages, and memberships.

Applications will be scored on the following criteria:

Quality of Application (25%)

  • Will the activities outlined in the submission increase the professional profile of the applicant?
  • Does the project show some ambition and potential for future growth?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate the necessary skills to fulfill the requirements of the application?

Career Growth/Logical Next Steps (30%)

  • Are the goals of the project clearly stated?
  • Has the application been completed in full with reasonable attention to detail?

Evaluation of Submitted Creative Content (30%)

  • Including but not limited to: lyrics, recordings, videos, promotional material.
  • How is the content new, distinct, or outstanding?

Presentation/Participation (15%)

  • Has the applicant participated in the suggested consultation session with Music PEI?
  • Does the applicant show a good overall understanding of the grant process?

Successful Applicants:

  • Will be asked to sign a Letter of Acceptance/Investment Agreement which must be completed within thirty (30) days of receiving an acceptance notification.
  • Will receive 100% of the eligible expenses for the approved budget within thirty (30) days of submitting a signed Letter of Acceptance/Investment Agreement.
  • If the project changed significantly you must notify the Program Officer in advance if you wish to reallocate funds for the project. If the project was not completed or changed significantly without approval from the Program Officer, you may be required to return the microgrant funding.
  • Will within sixty (60) days of project completion submit to Music PEI a Completion Report providing a summary (1 page) of the project and attaching copies of expense receipts. Applicants who cannot submit a Completion Report within this timeframe must inform the Program Officer prior to the deadline to request an extension or risk jeopardizing future investment.
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Completing Your Application:

  • Book a consultation with a Program Officer at Music PEI prior to submitting your application [Recommended] 
  • Applications should include your contact information and:
    • A brief cover letter (1-2 paragraphs)
      • Introducing yourself by describing your sound, vision, and musical accomplishments;
      • Identifying a strategic link between your project and the Microgrant Program’s objectives;
    • A project summary, clearly stating its goals and proposed timeline; and
    • A simple budget listing anticipated expenses and revenues; and
    • Creative content (ex. homemade audio or video, lyric sheets, designs, etc.).