Mentorship Programs Overview

Mentorship is an important process in career development. Music PEI began creating mentorship programs with Taking Care of Business, a program for self-managed artists. In 2020, the next logical step was to create mentorship programs for other careers in the music industry.

Program Design

The Music Supervisor Mentorship Program was developed in 2020 with a goal of creating more local music supervisors. Michael Perlmutter of instinct Entertainment from Toronto was recruited to deliver this program.

The Artist Mentorship Program was launched in January 2021. This program is delivered by Neil Pearson of Sounds Just Fine in the UK. This is a shorter program, with each artist receiving one month of mentoring that focuses on career development.

Music PEI is launching 2 new mentorship programs in 2021, the Producer Mentorship Program and the Composer/Scoring Mentorship Program. Each one is in the same format as the Music Supervisor Program and will take approximately 2 months, exploring all aspects of the respective careers.

We will continue to organize mentorship programs for various careers in the music industry. Future potential programs include agent, publisher, publicist, and manager. If you have a particular request, please contact Program Officer Steve Love.

Music Supervisor Mentorship Program

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Artist Mentorship Program

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Producer Mentorship Program

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Composer/Scoring Mentorship Program