2021/22 Program

Music PEI launched the new Music Supervision Mentorship Program (MSMP) in September 2020, providing a deep dive into learning how to become a Music Supervisor.

Program Delivery

Music Supervision is an exciting job within the music industry. Music Supervisors are responsible for placing music in film, TV, commercials, video games and other special projects. It is a creative job with a strong administrative component.

The MSMP covered all facets of the music supervision job, running the gamut from the creative to the business side and everything in between. Music PEI partnered with instinct entertainment, a leading Canadian music supervision company, to deliver the program.

One-to-one mentorship with instinct owner Michael Perlmutter and staff included exercises and take away work to help fine tune participants’ new-found skills. Each week, real-world examples were discussed, detailing intricacies and requirements involved in the music supervision process. This 8-week comprehensive class provided the foundation and skills needed to move into the music supervision world.

The two participants of the first round of the mentorship program were Patrick Bunston and Emmanuelle Leblanc.
I had a fantastic experience in the Music Supervisor Mentorship Program. The program delved into the world of Music Supervision and explored the more nuanced aspects of music business. Through the program I learned how the royalty system works to get artists paid, how to clear music for use in TV, film, or other media, and I was introduced to a number of music industry professionals in various fields.

One of those industry professionals, Vincent Degiorgio, owns a music publishing company in Toronto called ‘CYMBA Music Publishing’ and he has subsequently hired me as his Executive Assistant. This program helped me learn more about the music industry and it has led to a stable position of employment for me. I am extremely grateful to Music PEI, the province of PEI, and FACTOR for having had the opportunity to participate.

Patrick Bunston
I am very grateful to have been selected to participate in Music PEI’s Music Supervision Mentorship Program with Michael Perlmutter. It was a fantastic dive into the world of music supervision and licensing. I learned some very useful information that I’m currently using as a producer of various music productions and as a professional musician. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
Emmanuelle Leblanc

Time Commitment

3 hours/week (2 @ 1 ½ hour calls per week)

Face-to-face video calls with Michael and or instinct staff member, 3-4 hours per week of take-home work to be reviewed, discussed and vetted by instinct staff. The program included 3 guest presenters.


Chapter 1: OVERVIEW

  • What Is Music Supervision?
  • A detailed description of all facets of the job
  • Why hire a music supervisor?
  • Who hires a music supervisor?
  • When is a music supervisor hired?

Chapter 2: CREATIVE

  • Director’s vision
  • Understanding the song + emotion of scene
  • How to music spot a script
  • Where to find music
  • How to place music
  • Nuts + bolts of syncing songs to picture
  • Process of pitching to producers/director
  • Understanding various types of creative opportunities within a project
  • “Source” vs “Scource”
  • Composer (“Score”)
  • Choosing a composer
  • What is the composer responsible for?
  • Composer demos


  • Understanding all jobs in the production of a TV series or film
  • Learning and understanding various schedules associated with productions
  • Who do music supervisors work with?
  • Understanding process and timelines


  • Understanding the recorded and publishing businesses
  • “Clearing a song”
  • “MFN”
  • Various splits in ownership
  • Additional
    • Samples
    • Remixes
    • Unions


  • Budgeting/Fees
  • Deal memos
  • Licenses
  • Learning how to negotiate
  • Cue sheets
  • Composer contracts


  • Networking / Relationships
  • Business development opportunities/conferences, film festivals (which ones to attend)
  • Resources for continued learning
  • Possibility of working on a scene or two for an instinct project