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As you are aware, the deadline for this round of funding is this Tuesday (Oct 30). You have only four days left to get your submission in! A big thank you to those who have submitted online to date! You have been our guinea pigs and have helped us to iron out some kinks.

We realize that this process may not be 100% but our hope is that it streamlines things for both you and the jury. We will work at finding the best solution!

Please note some important details below.

You can upload a MAXIMUM of 10 documents ONLY.

TIP # 1
You can paste your answers RIGHT IN the text box. You do not need to do this AND upload the document. There is NO LIMIT on the number of characters in the text box. Putting your answers right in the text box works best. When the juror goes to review your complete application it reads VERY well if your answers are right in the text box. It saves the jurors from having to open files.

TIP # 2
You can zip your files and upload as one document. Or, similar, you can combine one or two (or three files) and upload as one. You might cut your uploads down from 10 to 4 or 5. We still advise pasting in the text box whenever possible. This is for the jurors benefit.

As another reminder, you cannot save the online form. Please build your application in Word (or similar) and copy and paste into the application form.

Please do not leave this until late afternoon on Tuesday. This is a new process. You will need time to complete.

If you need to make a change or add something to your submission, we can do that for you. Please let us know before deadline day.

We want to make this easiest for you. We are taking all of your feedback very seriously and ask that you please let us know how you are making out. Any comments or suggestion are welcome. We might not know the answer immediately, but will be sure to find out and get back to you right away!

Full details, including FAQ’s, can be found here –

Please forward all questions and concerns to [email protected].

Thank you and best of luck!

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