Golden Ticket and Takin Care of Business Now Open

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Music PEI Launches Golden Ticket and Takin Care of Business Programs 2020-21

Music PEI is announcing the launch of 2 programs for 2020-21, The Golden Ticket and Takin Care of Business Programs. Each of these programs can provide a significant boost to the development of an artist’s career. Both programs are managed and delivered by John MacPhee (Paper Lions).

Many artists have released great music without a concrete plan and system in place to support the release. Music PEI has created The Golden Ticket in response to that very important process. The Golden Ticket is designed to assist artists to develop or improve their profile and learn best practises when releasing new material. This unique program will take an artist with a new and previously unreleased song through the process of recording and releasing a single with the goal of developing the artist’s profile, receive some radio play, create new revenue and create a template for the artist to use in the future.

The program provides participants with product development for their art and business practises. Eligible artists (solo or band in all genres) must have demonstrated a commitment to their music career showing some successes and a desire to take their career to the next level of development. All levels of artists will be considered.

The Golden Ticket Program is managed by music industry veteran, John MacPhee of Paper Lions fame. Each participant will be provided by Music PEI with:
● A professional recording studio
● A proven producer
● PR firm for the launch of the single
● The MacPhee Music Business program which covers a variety of areas of the music business.
● Each artist will be given up to 4 months to complete the program from beginning to end.
● Music PEI has doubled the number of participants this year to 6.

“Can’t say enough about the Golden Ticket. It allowed us to write, produce, record and release a single. That single reached #4 on the CBC Top 20, #1 on the East Coast Countdown, topped a few community radio charts across the country and ultimately raised our profile. John Alexander MacPhee is a pro when it comes to understanding and sharing the skills needed to manage the back end of your music catalog. I learned so much and am so grateful to have been a part of the pilot edition. I haven’t come across another program that not only covers these costs but supports your post-release.” – Emilee Sorrey (SORREY)

Takin Care of Business Program started in 2016 and was designed to teach best practises in the music business along with creating multiple revenue streams in order to create a sustainable career. Focus is on developing the right foundational business practises, creating an online portal for all the material required when registering with performance rights organisations, licensing your songs for film and TV, and cataloguing material. Six participants will be accepted to the TCOB program.

Areas covered by TCOB include:
● Registering artist’s catalogue with all performance rights organisation for potential royalties
● Distribution including streaming platforms
● Launch personalised Artist Portal
● Launch online merch store
● Create FACTOR profile
● Review potential grant and funding opportunities
● Grant writing
● Explore sponsorship
● Business Management Plan
● Registering as a business, HST and other tax implications
● Accounting
● Marketing plan
● Social media best practises
● Tour management

Two new components have been added to the program this year, Recording 101 and Synchronization 101. Recording 101 will be delivered by John’s Paper Lions bandmate, studio engineer and producer Colin Buchanan. Colin will cover setting up a home studio, recording software, editing, mixing, compression, EQ, critical listening and more.

Kinley Dowling (KINLEY) will present Synchronization 101 which covers synchs, publishing, licensing, contracts, what you need from the studio for licensing, meta data, pitching your songs to music supervisors and more.

“The Taking Care of Business program helped me get a better understanding of the fundamentals of the music industry, and made me aware of so many revenue streams I was unaware of before. It taught me some key components to having a successful career in the industry, such as grant writing, releasing music, and a lot of very valuable things on budgeting and finances. This program made connections for me that are invaluable and will help me in the steps of furthering my career. It helped create additional revenue for my upcoming album. I now have a finished and completed marketing plan and business plan all thanks to this program. These are key things that I was unaware of. ” Logan Richard

Six participants will be accepted into the Takin Care of Business program.

Music PEI will accept submissions for both Golden Ticket and Takin Care of Business until September 25th, 2020. You must be a resident of Prince Edward Island to qualify for the Golden Ticket and Takin Care of Business Programs. Before applying, please review all the program guidelines at

Both programs are supported by Innovation PEI (PEI Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture) and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

For additional information please contact Program Manager Steve Love [email protected].

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