Music PEI Members Eligible for FREE ECMA Membership

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The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) is now offering FREE memberships to existing members of all five Music Industry Associations (MIAs) in the Atlantic region.

Members of the Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative, Musique/Music NB, Music NL, Music Nova Scotia, and Music PEI are now eligible for free ECMA memberships so long as they are in good standing with their respective regional MIA.

As a Music PEI member in good standing, you can sign up for your free ECMA membership via our member lounge (just sign in to your membership account on the Music PEI website).

Free ECMA memberships for Music PEI members will be valid so long as your Music PEI membership is active and in good standing. Not sure if your Music PEI membership is current? You can find out by logging in HERE.

In order to activate the free ECMA memberships, members must sign up for an ECMA account and create an online profile through the link found in the member section of this website. ECMA MEMBERSHIPS ARE ONLY DEEMED ACTIVE FOLLOWING THE CREATION OF THIS PROFILE.

IMPORTANT: If you are an existing ECMA member, you are still required to use this link to ensure that you are switched to the free membership and not charged upon your renewal date. If you do not use this link to switch your account, you are subject to the regular ECMA membership fees on your renewal date. Please make sure to be logged into your existing ECMA account when clicking on the link so that your existing membership profile is switched to the free account, otherwise you will be asked to create a brand new profile with a new email and your previous account will continue to be on the old paid plan and subject to renewal fees.

If you are a Music PEI member we encourage you to take advantage of this excellent membership perk! If you aren’t a current Music PEI member we highly encourage you to get signed up/renewed so that you can take advantage of this fantastic membership perk!

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