Good News Member Story – Featuring Deryl Gallant and AMJ Guitars

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Submitted by Deryl Gallant

Adam Johnson (AMJ Guitars) and I finally met after he presented me with my award for Music PEI Musician of the Year in May. In chatting I brought up that I’d love to get him to build me something sometime. Last month I took my old fretless electric bass in to Adam to look at getting it fixed up. After chatting about options I ended deciding to get Adam to build a new neck from scratch. I gave Adam a wishlist of what my dream fretless bass neck would consist of and he went above and beyond in creating not just a perfectly functional fretless neck but quite a beautiful work of art.

Check out the photos HERE.

The neck consists of:

– Birdseye Maple Neck
– Black Ebony Fretboard – no finish – just finely sanded and polished.
– Holly Fret-markers
– Custom AMJ Guitars headstock style
– AMJ Logo with 4 dots for a four stringed instrument
– Complemented with the matte black hipshot lollypop tuners.

The numbers 137 are of special significance to me with regards to the memory of my parents, and Adam was most gracious in accommodating my request to have the numbers burned into the back of the headstock.

It plays like a dream. I’m not sure who was more excited: Adam or me! I’m looking forward to using it extensively for my PEI Jazz and Blues Festival Doug Riley Artist shows in late August.

At a later date, I’ll be getting Adam to build me a matching body to go with the neck. Can’t wait!

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