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Music Week is over and next coming down the pipes is Eastlink East Coast Music Week (ECMW) which many of our talented musicians will be attending. We wanted to bring to your attention a couple of things regarding our funding programs. Please read this newsletter in its entirity as there are important details all the way through.

The next deadline for funding is April 30, 2013. You can still submit for funding for Eastlink ECMW BUT you must have your application submitted BEFORE any expenses are incurred. This means that you only have a few short weeks to get your application submitted.

Now, if you aren’t planning to submit for funding for Eastlink ECMW then you have lots of time until the deadline. Just remember – the rule applies for any project – no money can be spent until the application is submitted.

We have made a change to the criteria for being eligible as an Export Ready artist. One criteria to meet was that the artist/group have a minimum sales of 1,000 units. This has been changed to 500. Please note that you may still be asked to provide proof. See Program Guidelines for full details.

Visit the funding section of our website by clicking HERE for full details including program guidelines, application forms, FAQ’s etc..

New this round, we are asking each of you who is submitting for funding to first complete the Applicant Profile Form. This form asks for your basic information and you will only need to fill this out once. It will be linked to the submission forms so each time you apply going forward you will just select your name from a drop down box. More information is avaialble online.

A reminder about the submission process – it is an online application only! Thank you for those who submitted last round and acted as our guinea pigs. Things went pretty smoothly and we will continue to work out the bugs.

Another thank you to those who completed the survey after the last round. The common theme was wanting to have the ability to SAVE your application. Unfortunately, Podio has its limiations and this is one of them. This is not something we can change. Until we come up with a better system and/or money (Podio is free) then this is what we have to work with. Don’t worry though, we’ll continue to look for better ways to provide you with an online submission process.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting to discuss funding, or any other Music PEI related matter, please contact the office at [email protected] or 894-6734.

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