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Music PEI is very pleased to announce our fourth annual buyer’s conference, Showcase PEI 2011. The past three years were very successful in creating substantial work for Island artists and we are looking forward to bringing this opportunity to you again for 2011.

Showcase PEI 2011 will take place September 26 and 27. Buyers are now being recruited from festivals, venues, conferences, agents and promoters from across Canada, USA and the UK. Each artist will have a 20 minute showcase set. Music PEI will provide full backline and professional sound presentation.

Showcase PEI 2011 will feature export ready or currently exporting Island artists.

You are eligible as an export ready artist/group if you meet all of the following criteria:

Export Ready

Have a current marketing and business plan (must provide a summary)

Minimum sales of 500 units of recording. Please provide proof. If self distributed you must provide a combination of the following:

Manufacturing receipt to prove how many CD’s you had manufactured

Affidavits from retail outlets attesting to the number of units sold (ie Back Alley Music)

A log or ledger of off-stage sales signed by each venue manager or staff

Festival sales reports for off-stage sales

Digital download service providers reports (3 digital downloads constitutes one unit sold)

If you have national distribution please provide only Soundscan reports.

If you have provided this information for the most recent round of funding you do not have to provide again but please make note.

1 recording commercially released (minimum 6 song EP) since January 2009.
Commercial release is defined as professionally recorded and professionally manufactured CD complete with barcode for sale online and/or at retail outlets. If your last recording is older than this date but you have a new release coming please describe all details of the project and expected release date.

Upcoming bookings or a contract for a current musical production, i.e. live performance; stage production, song-writing collaboration, composition/soundtrack interest from film/TV, etc. (provide summary)

Strong professional history (provide summary)

Independent or established team/infrastructure (provide summary)

You are eligible as an exporting artist/group if you meet 5 of the 8 criteria.


Minimum 2 nationally distributed releases. One of these recordings must have been released within the last 24 months or scheduled release prior to August 31, 2010. (Pre-release copy must be submitted with application).

One internationally distributed recording

Minimum 2,000 total unit sales of all recorded music products (provide summary)

Airplay, National charting on published charts, video play

Have a marketing and business plan (provide summary)

Management/Self-management team with proven history (provide details)

History of commitment to touring nationally and/or internationally (provide summary)

Industry Recognition (nominations, awards, etc.)

A complete delegate list will be available prior to the conference for participating artists. Business meetings between delegates and artists/managers will be arranged during the conference. The primary focus for this initiative will be for artists who have recent recordings. The genres that will be featured are primarily roots/folk and pop/rock. If you do not fit into either of those categories you are still invited to submit, but those will take priority.

As with other Music PEI programs, you must be a PEI resident to be eligible. The primary artist and/or the majority of the group must have a permanent address in Prince Edward Island or the primary artist or registered company pays income tax to the Province of Prince Edward Island. A proof of residency form is attached to the Submission form.

If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria, please fill out the submission form found HERE. If you are selected you will be required to have a current Music PEI membership. If you have an up-to-date SonicBids page you are not required to supply the support material but may be asked to provide a copy of your most recent CD. You MUST also have an updated Music PEI profile listing. Please check your listing here.

Please insure you complete all areas of the attached submission form which can be found HERE.

Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2011 at 5 PM. All submissions must be received at the Music PEI office by then to be eligible. Applications may be submitted electronically via email if they include a SonicBids page. Applications will be reviewed and selected by an independent jury. If you have any additional inquiries please contact Rob Oakie at [email protected].

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