Submissions are open until:
November 13, 2023 (4:49 pm AT)

Music PEI Awards

The Music PEI team has put together 25+ awards, each designed to celebrate various genres, styles, industry professionals and community leaders.

Awards Submissions

A complete guideline to the awards, submission process, eligibility criteria and other details can be found in the updated 2024 Award Guidelines.

Award submissions can be made using our new Awards Platform but it is advised you read the Guidelines before submitting.

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Awards Guidelines
  • There will be multiple performance opportunities during the 2024 Music PEI Week. Artists/Groups do not have to apply to perform. All nominees are automatically considered for performance opportunities.

  • Artists are not required to submit physical copies of their CD to the Music PEI office. However, if an artist would like to add their CD to the Music PEI archive, they can mail or deliver a maximum of two (2) physical copies of their CD. Note: these CDs may be used for promotional purposes.

  • It is our privilege to announce that we have seven (7) awards for the 2024 Music PEI Board of Directors Industry Awards: Educator of the Year, Industry Person of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Rooted to the Island, Live Music Production Professional of the Year, Musician of the Year, and Community Contributor of the Year. Prince Edward Island has many outstanding individuals who provide vital contributions to our music industry and dedicate themselves to helping our community flourish. We wish to recognize these people and thank them for adding such vibrancy to our Island music culture. Anyone may submit themselves or someone they know for these awards at no cost, and the recipient will be decided by the board of directors of Music PEI. The awards will be presented during the 2024 Music PEI Week.

Changes for the 2024 Awards

Please note that there have been a few changes to the awards offered. Last year Music PEI offered 26 award categories, this year there are 28.

Music PEI reworked and created a few new categories for the 2024 awards. Roots Recording of the Year has been split into Contemporary and Traditional for which descriptions can be found in the Music PEI Awards Guidelines.

Francophone Artist of the Year Award has been updated to the Prix de L’Acadie which recognizes achievements in the industry by an artist, group, or organization, in any genre creating, performing, and developing their career in French. This change expands the eligibility for those who can apply with the goal of ensuring this category is activated each year.

Achievement in World Music is a new category in 2024, created to acknowledge accomplishments in the field of world music, whether achieved by an individual, group, or organization, within PEI or at a global level.

In 2023, one of the major changes allowed artists to submit up to two genre-specific categories for each recording; this remains in effect. As well, all general and genre awards will continue to be juried by industry professionals, and there will be no more voting by Music PEI members unless selected as an official member of the Awards Committee Jury. You can apply to be a juror using this application form.

Categories Eliminated for 2024
  • Roots recording of the Year

  • Francophone Artist of the Year

New Categories & Category Changes For 2024
  • Roots Recording of the Year is now split into Traditional Roots Recording of the Year and Contemporary Roots Recording of the Year.

  • Francophone Artist of the Year is now Prix de L’Acadie.

  • Achievement in World Music

  • Singles, EPs, and albums are eligible for Pop Recording of the Year