Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act Accepting Entries Now

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Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act fuels Canadian music fans’ passions by making musical dreams a reality.

Whether you’re music fan looking to see your favourite Live Nation concert, a musician with lots of talent and in need of help to get ahead, or someone looking to cut your teeth in the music industry, no matter your need, Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act can help you realize your musical dreams.

The first year of JDSA was so successful, that Jack Daniel’s is BACK and giving away (8) PRIZES OF UP TO $7,000 IN VALUE in order to help your music dreams a reality.

What do you need to do?

Jack Daniel’s wants to hear from you and find out what you need to keep music in your life:
1. Create an original 60 second video entry and upload it to http://www.JDSupportingAct.com

Your video must include:
a. Your first name, your age (you must be of legal drinking age), and where you’re from (you must be a resident of Canada). If you’re in a band, we also need the other member names

b. Tell us what your music dream is – but be specific! Remember that requests must not be worth more than $7,000

2. Your video entry must not include any foul language unsafe use of alcohol or offensive content, as Jack is a gentleman! For a full list of can be found in the full Rules and Regulations on the website.

What kinds of things can I ask for?

Whatever you need to keep music in your life – replacement equipment for the stuff that got stolen at your last gig, some studio time to record, even if you aren’t a musician, maybe you need tickets to see you’re all-time favourite Live Nation artist.
What will my video be judged on?

STORY (50%)
Judges are looking for entries that tell compelling, personal stories. We’re looking for stories that thrill, entertain or pull at the heart strings For example, if you need concert tickets, tell us about the time you missed seeing your favourite Live Nation concert. Try creating videos that resonate with music lovers of
all kinds.

Jack Daniel’s wants videos that stand out. Don’t be satisfied by taking a video in your living room. Get out into the world and show us how creative you can be. You could write a song with your request,perform a dance or express your love of music in a hundred different ways.

In the world of videos, looks matter! Use the tricks and tools of directors to make your video look like a winner. Play around with sound, editing, titles and lighting to give your video a professional presentation. We want to see that love and care has gone into the making of your video.

When can I apply?
You can start submitting your videos now – every two weeks we’ll be selecting four finalist videos to be up for public voting. The votes, in combination with the judges’ score will determine the winner. We’re giving away 8 prizes from December to March – winners every two weeks!

Go to http://www.JDSupportingAct.com and submit your entry!

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