Music Hall of Fame Looking for PEI Artifacts

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Casino Nova Scotia is launching the Casino Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame this fall. Music Nova Scotia has struck a committee to choose the first inductees. An announcement will be made later this month. Music Nova Scotia will also be leading the efforts to source items for display in the Hall of Fame.

Music Nova Scotia is seeking individuals and organizations that may have items they wanted to share and have on display in the Hall of Fame. We are happy to permit signage identifying the group, individual or organization lending the item. The Hall of Fame will feature items that represent an aspect of the music industry in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

They are looking for five (5) significant historical facts from each province that are significant to the commercial music industry in each respective province. Also, they are looking for memorabilia for display on site.

Important Artist – an individual or group that had demonstrable success in exporting theirmusic and culture outside of the region

Boundary breaker – someone who opened the door to other artists in a specific area

Champion – someone who has created awareness of the industry in the region, national and internationally

Builder – someone who has created circumstances that helped nurture and cultivate talent

Music appreciation

Making & Marketing music

The articles could be anything from musical instruments, recording devices, photos, posters, personal items, awards and more. It could be a single item or a collection. It may already be in a display or may need to be hung or placed in a case. Information explaining the provenance of the item and its significance would be helpful.

They intend to update the displays at least twice a year to keep it interesting for visitors. Items are received as loans and Casino Nova Scotia offers no financial compensation for the provision of display items. While they are grateful for all suggestions, they may not be able to receive and display everything.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to [email protected] by noon on Friday, September 4, 2015.

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