6 09, 2021

What does “ON SPEC” mean?


Festival, tour and showcase support will be given (in the Export Development & Career Investment Programs) “on speculation” for potential festivals, tours

What does “ON SPEC” mean?2021-09-06T15:00:02-03:00
6 09, 2021

How are decisions made?


A jury of industry professionals will review and score all submissions. The Directors of Music PEI do not sit on juries. Juries

How are decisions made?2021-09-06T14:58:19-03:00
6 09, 2021

What is defined as a “tour”?


Under the Emerging Music Program a tour is defined as ONE trip of THREE or more paid performances in THREE or more

What is defined as a “tour”?2021-09-06T14:55:04-03:00
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