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Sid Acharya
I, Siddharth Acharya am an upcoming 19 year old composer and keyboardist from India, and have been performing since the age of 10. I specialize in Indian Classical and Contemporary music, and have practiced my way through perfecting Indian Classical music on a western instrument, and I'm working to fuse different styles of music with my style, and to make music and transcend various barriers. I am currently pursuing Music Performance at Holland College.

Music has been my passion since my childhood right from when I was gifted a keyboard by my parents. The sounds that it produced was fascinating to my ears and I experimented by trying out different strokes and this excited me. Sensing that I had some inherent gift in me, my parents who appreciate music, encouraged me to go to Indian Classical music classes and train under teachers. Indian classical music is played on traditional instruments –Veena/Violin/Flute. Playing this form of music on the keyboard, which is considered a western instrument required creativity and a desire to experiment. This interest that I exhibited was encouraged by my Teacher and he gave me an opportunity to perform my first concert when I was 10 years old.

During these 13 years of my journey in music, my teachers and my interest in listening to music of all forms and genres have continued to help me evolve. I always draw inspiration from my guru(teacher) Padmashri A Kanyakumari, a renowned Violinist in India who has been training me to blend Indian classical music on the keyboard. This requires rigorous practice with the pitch blenders on the keyboard and in fingering. Carnatic Music is based on swings between notes and in Keyboard there is only fixed set of notes and using the Pitch bend or options on the keyboard such as Legato and Portamento, I bring in the swings between the notes. My biggest inspiration in the Music Industry are the Bands Remember Shakti and The Beatles and composers AR Rahman, Illayaraja, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, to name a few. I’ve been listening to these artistes all my life, and their music has made me the musician I am today.

A mixture of all these wonderful styles have paved a path to my Ultimate goal towards World Music.

In my strong pursuit to become a good musician and composer, I believe that I should branch out to learn different styles and genres. The Music Performance Program at Holland College provides me with the platform to experiment and blend various forms of music. I would like to ensure that Carnatic Music is integrated with world music and try my level best to make universal music and transcend geographical boundaries.

Apart from being a musician, I am also an active Social Worker. Before I moved to Charlottetown, I was a member of various social service organizations, like the Robin Hood Army, Environmentalist Foundation of India and the Rotary Club. As a member of the Robin Hood Army, a National non-profit organization that aims at a “Hunger free India”, we organized a food walk to serve more than 10 Million Homeless people in our country in mark of our Independence Day, and successfully fed more than 10 million Homeless people in our country and continue to feed more people every week. I have always been a person who intends to help the people around me, and I try my best to do everything in my power to help the needy and serve the community everywhere I go. In Charlottetown, I continue doing the same work I used to do in India. Social Service has always been a part of me and has made me a better person. I believe that social work and music are intertwined; both bring in inner peace to oneself.

While I had no doubts about my skills in Indian Music, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a scholarship from Berklee School of Music. I was overwhelmed with joy to realize that Indian Classical music is accepted by Prestigious Contemporary music institutions around the world like Berklee College of Music and Holland College.

I aspire to transfer credits to Berklee through the special partnership between Berklee and your esteemed institution and study the next 2 years at Berklee. When I graduate, I plan to continue performing in India and other countries and try and make my mark in the World Music Industry. I also plan to specialize in Sound design due to my fascination and interests towards that field of Music Production

My biggest aspiration is to spread music across the globe towards a better world and World Peace as the language of music is universal.

I aspire to continue performing in Prince Edward Island, and hope to continue meeting new musicians and people from around the world.